Improbable Cause

Rejected and Unpublished Panels

2021 – 2023

Sometimes we would submit panels to the Coeur d’Alene Press which were rejected. The editor would inform us they were too controversial or went too far, or just weren’t funny. Below are some of the panels which the Coeur d’Alene Press refused. It is worth noting that, in the case of the CRT panel, we were asked to produce a panel on CRT — so we were tasked with the difficult job of having to produce a comic on this controversial topic which was funny. With others, there was fear the panel would offend different demographics such as the police. We were informed that the panels shown below on religious infighting and the police were both going to run, only to have them pulled at the last minute for reasons that weren’t clear (possibly by the owners of the CDA press themselves), in which case we would simply be asked quickly for a replacement. I will let our readers decide if these panels were properly rejected and/or inappropriate, which perhaps they were. They are included for historical perspective and insight into the editorial mindset.

Unpublished Lawyer Panels

We had the chance to produce panels for a legal periodical which panels would have run monthly. The comics were supposed to appeal to the sense of humor of attorneys, rather than the general public (who still might find them humorous). I wrote the panels below,  with the intention of reworking them, and Jesse illustrated them, only to give up and decline the contract. In the end, it became somehow degrading for me to be thinking of ways to mock my own profession with what are really lawyer jokes. Some were funny, but some felt cheap, so they never saw the light of day. Lest they not be lost entirely to history, however, below are the legal panels I wrote and had Jesse draft, but ultimately decided agaisnt pursuing or publishing. Some could have been improved. Some are crude, but all are included “for the record.”