Coeur d’Alene Press

Published Editorial Comics

By Steven Rinehart | Illustrated by Jesse Wayman

This is the archive of the Improbable Cause comics published between 2021 – 2023, including in the Coeur d’Alene Press and Virginia Lawyer. In evaluating these comics, it is worth noting that many of the comics on current events were requested by the CDA Press. For instance, the editor would say, “We need a panel this week on Columbus Day, the Supreme Court, Biden, or the John Deere workers’ union strike.” It would be up to me to think of a panel on the assigned topic and Jesse to illustrate it. Ultimately, we let our contract expire because Jesse got tired of illustrating the panels, even though he was being paid a small amount weekly. There was an offer to increase his pay by 50%, but he still rejected it and I just didn’t want to work with another illustrator or have the time to try and find one. We wanted to run the comic strip long enough to have sufficient material to eventually publish some compendium of the published works, but I don’t think we made it. Sometime, Jesse and I will restart the comic and seek another publishing contract.